The V4 countries constitute stability and growth in the European Union, and have the legitimate intention to contribute substantially and as equal partners to the dialogue on the future of the EU.

The Hungarian Presidency will focus on areas in which the Visegrad Cooperation can deliver tangible results and added value based on specific common objectives in fields ranging from EU policies to global issues, in the following thematic structure:

1. European Visegrad

2. Regional Visegrad

3. Digital Visegrad

4. Global Visegrad

The motto of the Hungarian Presidency, V4 Connects, reflects the significant positive impact of the Visegrad Cooperation in connecting the four countries in terms of politics, economy and culture, while also referring to the Presidency’s focus on our tasks related to connectivity: improving energy and transport links in our broader region, and working on a well-connected, innovative region ready for the digital age

The detailed programme of the V4 presidency can be found on the following link: